Ezy Pzy Planning & Design Town & Regional Planning Advice / Reports / Administration

Preliminary planning drawings will provide you with design options

Feasability Studies

Thinking of sub dividing? Want to make the most of a property? Can you build on? Can you sub-divide? Can you build up? A Feasibility Study will answer your questions. Pre sale or pre purchase assessments.

Application Management
Don’t have the time to deal with Council yourself? Ezy Pzy offer a total application management service from application though to approval
Other Services
  • Dispute mediation
  • Reports for non-complying developments
  • Statements of Support
  • Statements of Effect
  • Assistance with appeals in the Environment Court
  • Representation at council Development Assessment Panel meetings

Click here to check which Council covers your development.

  • Written representations & responses to neighbour
Accredited Energy Rating Assessments
Ezy Pzy has a swift pick up fax-back fast energy 5 Star rating services for houses. Ezy Pzy will check your plans and certify the star rating for your design. If your house is assessed not to reach a 5 Star rating we will advise you of cost and time efficient design solutions to address the legislative requirements.
Design solution for 6 Star & 7 Star ratings available on request.